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2020 Qi Revolution Seminar
  • 3/7/2020, 3/8/2020, 3/9/2020
  • Virginia Beach Convention Center
  • 1000 19th Street, Virginia Beach, VA 23451
  • Time: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Virginia Beach, VA    Convention Center
Location:        Virginia Beach, Virginia

Start Date:    Saturday   March 7th, 2020
End Date:      Monday    March 9th, 2020
Time:             9:00am - 6:00pm for all 3 Days
Open to the Public ~ No Experience Necessary.
Seating Limited at this Venue.   Reserve Your Tickets.
24 CE Hours    Massage NCBTMB # 45032707
State Board Approved:   Virginia, Maryland and others

Day 1
9 AM - 6 PM with 1 HR Lunch Break
    • Intro:    History of Qigong and Chinese Medicine.
    • Empty Force:   Postures for Magnetic Healing Qi. Favorite Style of Qigong for Building Real Energy.
    • Breath Empowerment:   Powerful Technique to Oxygenate, Heal and Experience Ultimate Qi.
    • Food-Healing:  Common Diseases and Foods Shown to Reverse Them, Free Radical Science, Fatty Acids, Antioxidants, Digestive Health.
    • Qigong Level-1 Healing Form:  Primary Routine.  Targets All Organs Expands Vascular Blood Flow.

Day 2
9 AM - 6 PM with 1 HR Lunch Break
    • Food Healing:  Smoothies & Red Pepper Paste.  
    • Qigong Level-1 Instructors on Stage:  Teachers Local to Area Review Postures in More Detail.
    • Qigong Level-2 Healing Form:   Fun Routine is Wide Stance Connecting Qi from Head to Toe. Includes Learning Natural Walking Qigong. 
    • 9-Breath Method:  Our Most Powerful Breath.    Feels like Waterfall of Energy Dissolving Stress.
    • 9-Breath Healing Circle:  Electricity Moves Thru.  We Send Prayers & Powerful Qi to Loved Ones.

Day 3
9 AM - 6 PM with 1 Hr Lunch Break
    • Qigong Strength Training:  Fitness without Injury.
    • Wuji Level-3 Freestyle:  Allows for Creative Play. Spine Foot Alignment, Classic Qi Movements.
    • Tui Na and Qi Transmission:   Sending Qi Using Acupressure Gentle Touch - Fascia Stimulation. 
    • Foot Reflexology:  Relieve Pain Activate Organs. Learn Pulsing Massage to Stimulate Flow of Qi.
    • 5-Element Psychology:   The Qi Behind Behavior. Based on Chinese Wisdom/Human Observation.  Concludes Event with Powerful Breath Practice.