Oceanfront Sheraton Takes the VB Smarter Pledge
To increase traveler and staff comfort levels, we have pledged to: 1. All employees to complete COVID-19 training 2. Hand sanitizing stations at high touch point locations around hotel. Locations include hotel lobby entrance, beach entrance, conference center, and all employee areas. 3. Continue the use of EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) approved disinfectants throughout hotel. 4. Employee PPE: face masks, gloves, aprons, goggles 5. PPE available for sale to guests in the hotel market sell masks, gloves, sanitizer 6. Screening of all Team Members before the start of their shift by: Asking how they are feeling, ensure no signs of COVID symptoms, and temperature check. 7. Disposable menus available in restaurants and guestrooms, that are replaced after each use. 8. Floor decals in lobby to display 6-feet distancing. 9. Seating reduced in restaurants by 50% and 6-feet apart in compliance with the Governor's requirements 10. Elevator signage posted allowing one family unit in elevator at a time. 11. All team members in all outlets, restaurants included, to be wearing face coverings at all times 12. Room Service orders to be delivered in to go bags, placed outside the room. 13. All cutlery will be disposable. 14. No housekeeping stay-over service unless guest is staying longer than 3 nights. 15. Only single use items in guestroom- disposable cups, coffee condiment packet, shampoos, lotions, soaps. 16. Sterile bags used to keep remote controls sanitary are replaced between each guest. 17. Meeting rooms set to local social distancing guidelines.