One of the major benefits of being surrounded by water is being able to take advantage of the restorative healing qualities it has.  In fact, it is rumored to be why Edgar Cayce chose Virginia Beach to build his center here in 1931.

Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) is the hub for all things related to wellness. Located just across the street from the beach, the A.R.E. boasts a newly renovated spa and restaurant and hosts year-round retreats, speakers and classes tailored to inspire and enlighten the mind, body and soul, many of which derived on the beach’s natural properties.

Getting in the water on the Atlantic or on the Chesapeake Bay is an obvious way to experience some wellness by the water, but we recommend you step it up a notch with sunrise yoga, SUP yoga, SUP barre or a meditative sunset kayaking excursion. Virginia Beach offers a variety of ways you can treat yourself to the kind of therapy only the beach can provide.