Mural artwork has the power to change the face of a community, transform ordinary walls into a canvas and spark conversation. Here in Virginia Beach, the Oceanfront is full of jaw-dropping murals that we think speak for themselves.

Nestled within the Oceanfront area is the ViBe Creative District, Virginia Beach’s cultural arts enclave, which is a hub for artisans of all disciplines ranging from culinary, music and traditional art to leather working and woodworking. While you can find all manners of artwork within the quaint shops and coffeehouses that comprise the area, the district is a work of art in and of itself. Look no further than the murals, most of which were done by local artists, that fill the ViBe and the Oceanfront with wonder and color. Stop by and see these murals for yourself and you’ll see exactly what we mean.


Oceanfront Murals


Art is all around you at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront. On the walls of many of the districts restaurants and local shops, you'll see a huge variety of local and national artists represented. Here is where you can find a few of our favorites.


17th Street & Atlantic Avenue, Barr's Pharmacy



16th Street & Pacific Avenue, Juice Box Surf



Corner of 22nd Street & Atlantic Avenue, Abbey Road Pub & Restaurant



ViBe Creative District Murals


The ViBe Creative District serves as a vibrant center for various creative industries in Virginia Beach's Oceanfront District and encourages local creatives to inspire each other, their crafts and their community. Here is where you can find many of the masterpieces throughout the district. To see all of these murals by foot makes for an easy, one-mile walking tour, that is a must for all who are visiting.


18th Street, between Mediterranean & Cypress Street,  Parklet Fence



17th Street, Superior Pawn


Artist Lisa Ashinoff (only female artist)Virginia Beach, VA(Mural is inspired by Ashinoff’s signature architectural style of painting.)


17th Street & Cypress, Zero's Subs


Artist Eric Lindberg of TALENT MuralsVirginia Beach, VAWomen reclining on the beach. The property owner and artist worked together on ideas that kept with the beachy vibe of the other murals at the restaurant. The artist used his hyper realism style on a women reclining at the beach and inserted tropical hibiscus flowers on the left side of the building.


17th Street, Hudson's Luxury Boutique


Artist ScubaVirginia Beach, VAGeometric circles, lines and peace crane on grey wall.


17th Street, Chesapeake Bay Distillery


"Virginia Beach" by CAESAR ViBe District Mural


18th Street, Abacus


Igor Mural at Vibe District Murals


Baltic Avenue, 1701


Artist Jeremiah KilleCaliforniaContemporary patterns, geometric shares and large rain drops.


Baltic Avenue, Davis Ad Agency


Artist Ed TraskRichmond, VAHistory of Mad Men / Historical figures and ad clips from advertising throughout time


18th Street, Found Objects


"Art is a Weapon" by Charles Rasputin


19th Street, Three Ships Coffee


"Hope Rising" by Tim Skirven ViBe District Mural


19th Street, Wareing's Gym


"Surfs Up" By ARCY ViBe Creative District Murals