Whether you take yours steamed or over ice, sweetened or straight up, au lait or black, there’s just something about a great cup of coffee that brightens any day. For those who savor their cup of joe – perhaps paired with a fresh-baked pastry or hand pie – here are eight favorite spots to enjoy coffee in Virginia Beach.

Close-up of a hot drink at May's Parlor

May's Parlor

Brewing the much-loved top-quality espresso from La Colombe, May’s Parlor serves lattes, cappuccinos, and coffee flavors including vanilla, hazelnut, caramel, mocha and seasonal flavors. Besides its delicious brews, this Oceanfront hotspot also offers up mouthwatering treats using locally sourced dairy, meats, cheeses and produce whenever available. Signature pastries include croissants, cookies, breads and creative “cruffins,” which come in both sweet and savory varieties.

People cheering coffee drinks outside


Pinup Coffee Co

Pinup Coffee Co has recently opened up a coffee shop inside of Back Bay Brew House Farmhouse on Kempsville Road, and they couldn't be more excited about the opportunity to make their iconic space even more of a community hub, as their values and craftsmanship of products match so well together. Pinup Coffee is a veteran-woman owned business that started in 2021 as primarily a specialty coffee roaster in Virginia Beach, and this is their first walk-in coffee shop. Stop by and try one of their signature drinks, such as the Honey Cinnamon Latte (made with local Honey by the way) or get a tasty treat while enjoying the amazing atmosphere the Farmhouse location has to offer.


Coffee flight at Pour Favor


Pourfavor Coffee Shop

Located Inland in Virginia Beach, Pourfavor Coffee Shop serves lattes and cappuccinos that are almost too pretty to drink. While you really can’t go wrong with any of its coffee drinks, you may find that it’s hard to settle on just one. Luckily, with their original coffee flights, you don’t have to! Order a sampling of four creations such as the latte, macchiato, mocha, and coco loco cold brew. With sweet staples such as fresh, homemade waffles served with powdered sugar and warm syrup, and muffins in mouthwatering flavors like red velvet and cream cheese, chocolate chip or blueberry, there are plenty of tasty options to pair with your cuppa.


An iced coffee and pastry at Three Ships Coffee


Three Ships Coffee

Three Ships Coffee, with locations in the eclectic ViBe Creative District and in Hilltop, is perfect for early-morning pick-me-ups – or mid-day coffee and dessert. House-roasted coffee creations include a Pungo Latte, a classic latte made with Three Ships’ rich coffee and lightly sweetened with seasonal berries from the Pungo agricultural district. Pair your cup of joe with a homemade hand pie in mouthwatering flavors (did someone say “Nutella?”).


A close up of a latte at Bad Ass Coffee


Bad Ass Coffee Company

Coffee lovers who can’t get enough of Hawaii’s famous Kona coffee can enjoy a cup amid the tropical vibes of Bad Ass Coffee in the ViBe Creative District. Its menu includes Hot and Iced Classics, Bad Ass Lattes, Cold Brews, and frozen Koffee Koolers. For a tasty pairing with your brew, try a donut, muffin or scone.


A muffin and latte at Roast Rider Coffee Cafe


Roast Rider Coffee + Tea

From bean to cup, Hilltop’s Roast Rider Coffee takes care in every step to produce the perfect cup of joe. It’s kept simple here, with traditional black coffee served with locally sourced baked treats from favorite spots like May’s Parlor and My Vegan Sweet Tooth, which makes gluten-free, vegan pastries in a wide variety of tasty flavors.


A sandwich and latte at Perked Up Coffee


Perked Up! Café

Located at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront, Perked Up! Café is a locally owned coffee shop serving delicious coffee and fresh-baked treats. Try a classic cappuccino with a house-made coconut lime or blueberry lemon scone or an indulgent banana Nutella muffin.



Lynnhaven Coffee Company

Lynnhaven Coffee Company in the Chesapeake Bay District brews small-batch roasted coffee in its own facility, nearby. From drip coffee to espressos to something for every sweet tooth, many of the syrups and sauces are even locally sourced. Pair your eye-opening cup of coffee with a savory selection of sandwiches, plates and bowls.



Operation Brew Coffee & Bakery

For another great pairing in a charming café setting on Oceana Boulevard, Operation Brew Coffee & Bakery serves a variety of premium coffees from around the world along with fresh-baked pastries from croissants to cakes. Specialty drinks contain two shots of espresso and come in flavors like Spicy Mocha, Warm Honey Latte, and Strawberry Bliss Latte, while desserts such as the made-from-scratch crème brulée will surely sweeten your day.