There’s made by hand and then, there’s made by your hand. With the one-on-one guidance of an experienced shaper at Dirt Bag Surf Co., who does their shaping out of a storage-unit-turned-shape-shack at the Resort Beach, you can be a part of every step of the surfboard shaping process – from Styrofoam blank to your shaped-up new ride. You design it; you use the tools; and you bring your vision to life. There’s no better way to become one with your board than by being the driving force behind its creation. Craft your perfect board; catch your perfect wave. It’s practically science, but don’t take it from us. Nick Halleran, owner of Dirt Bag Surf Co., has used shaping as a way to dive deeper into the sport that he loves, and now, he’s teaching fellow surfers to do the same – one board at a time.