While driving through the sprawling rural landscape of our Pungo farming community, New Earth Farm may seem like just another stop in a vast sea of charming farms. Although the assortment of fresh, local produce, wildflowers, local honey and handmade soaps is reason enough to drop in, if you dig a little deeper, you’ll leave with much more than what you can fit into your basket. By inviting you into their on-farm Learning Garden with some of the region’s best chefs and adding in a healthy portion of delicious ingredients pulled straight from the soil around you, New Earth Farm provides an educational and immersive culinary experience in which you are an integral part of every step, from ground to table. From learning to prepare local seasonal dishes from the masters at a Farm Table class, to experimenting with processes like fermentation and preservation at the farm’s Food Lab classes, the skills you will learn are as important as they are delicious – with an unforgettable experience to boot!