With the increasing popularity of sour beers, you can rest assured that the brewery scene in Virginia Beach is crafting up some delicious concoctions to follow suit. From fruited lambics to the refreshing gose, and everything in between, there’s a little something special for those who like a little pucker with their pint. Here are a few of our favorite sours to enjoy this spring, either at the brewery itself or grabbing a bottle to go.

Penthesilia - Commonwealth Brewing Company

Named after a queen in Greek mythology, Commonwealth’s Penthesilia is red wine barrel-aged Oud Bruin that has been refermented with whole dates and tart cherries, presenting flavors that are instantly distinguishable upon taking a sip. Finish that off with a hit of toffee, and this sour beer is as rich in taste as it is in color.

Nouveau Tarte - Green Flash Brewing Co.

As part of the Cellar 3 Reserve Series, Green Flash’s Nouveau Tarte is given a layer of complexity during its extended aging in wood barrels. Dark fruit flavors and a subtle hint of malt blend together for an extremely satisfying sour beer.

MOPP 4 - Young Veterans Brewing Company

Mopp 4 Sour IPA is a wonderfully refreshing creation from Young Veterans’ Pucker Factory Sour Series, and it combines subtle hints of sour with subtle hints of IPA hoppiness for a light and refreshing, yet complexly flavored beer. If you prefer a little fruit with your sour, give their equally refreshing and delicious Private Plum Sour Ale a try.