Don’t let the gray keep you away from enjoying an adventurous Virginia Beach day! Rainy beach days often feel like a bit of a wash, but we like to think of them as opportunities for getting creative with our time and seeking fun away from the sun. Whether you’re craving to get in touch with your inner Picasso or with your wild side, you’ll find there’s plenty to discover while staying fully covered.

  • Soar to New Heights. Experience the rush of skydiving without having to jump out of a plane, thanks to iFly’s state-of-the-art and mega-powerful vertical wind tunnel that helps create variable wind speeds in excess of 180 mph, providing you with the sensation of a free-fall, as trained instructors guide you through a variety of fun maneuvers. The adrenaline-filled experience is fun, challenging and exciting for thrill-seekers ages three to 103.
  • Discover Your Inner Picasso. Explore exhibitions that are interesting, engaging and totally unique at the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), where this season you’ll find Trenton Doyle Hancock’s Skin and Bones, Andrea Dezsö: Dreamtime and Amanda McCavour: Inside/Out. Even the kids will enjoy it, thanks to Pre-K Art Days and Family Workshops held year-round.
  • Take to the Sky. Picture yourself in the cockpit of a WWI and WWII aircraft as you dive into history at the Military Aviation Museum, the world’s largest privately owned collection of WWI and WWII military aircraft that still fly. Your tour just might be guided by a former pilot of the very plane you’re looking at!
  • Chow Down on Your Favorite Movie. Order your favorite meal and grab yourself a local craft beer from the comfort of your own cushy seat in front of a giant screen at Beach Cinema AleHouse. The seven-screen movie theater and dining venue features first-run films and delicious menu options, including sandwiches, pizzas and even crab dip, to enjoy while watching the movie of your choice.
  • Tickle Your Funny Bone. Perfect your punchline and try your hand at being the center of attention in the big, bright lights of a comedy club as you learn from the best during Comedy School at the Virginia Beach Funny Bone in Town Center. Free classes are scheduled throughout the year, along with knee-slapping performances from some of the nation’s top comics.
  • Free Your Wild Side. Dive into more than 800,000 gallons of fun during your self-guided tour of the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center, where you’ll explore the ocean depths and navigate Virginia’s various aquatic and marine environments throughout time. You’ll even get to see the rare Komodo dragon, exotic cobras and the endangered Tomistoma freshwater crocodile among more than 300 species of animals; take in a movie at the National Geographic 3D Movie Theater or visit the new Dinosaurs! Exhibit.