We admit it. We’ve dreamt about what it would be like to sit atop a majestic steed, the salty sea air wafting through our hair. We’ve imagined the ebbing tide revealing hoof prints in the glistening sand, as the sun wanes on the distant horizon. It seems like a scene pulled straight from the covers of those tawdry romance novels, but trust us – this is one cliché you have to experience for yourself.

With a variety of horseback riding opportunities available, you need only choose your charger and get to galloping. For a local experience like no other, look no farther than the beaches of the Resort Beach, where Virginia Beach Horseback offers guided rides along the surf during the fall, winter and spring months. All experience levels are welcomed, so if a John Wayne movie represents the extent of your cowboy knowhow, fear not.  All riders will be instructed on how to become one with the horse before setting foot in a stirrup.

Saddle up, grab the reigns and ride off into the Virginia Beach sunset. Your storybook ending awaits.