We like to say that whales enjoy hanging out in our waters during the cooler seasons because it’s their home away from home. When the severe chill of the polar regions, where they spend a majority of their time during the remaining months of the year, gets too much to bear, they come visit us. Can you blame them?

1. Winter break isn’t just for humans.

Whales are one of the most migratory species found on this planet, and they are known to migrate more than 3,000 miles one way each year, heading to the inhabited regions of the world.

2. They take seasonal “honeymoons.”

Whales prefer our winter and spring seasons for mating and breeding, since our waters also help keep their newborn calves warm.

3. They are big fans of coastal cuisine.

Since the polar regions freeze during the winter months, whales have a difficult time finding their main food source, krill, so they head to our waters, where they can more easily (and we like to think, more deliciously) provide for their newborn calves.

4. Winter coats don’t come in whale size.

Our gentle, giant friends are warm-blooded mammals without protective layers, leaving them unable to withstand severely cold temperatures, so can you blame them for seeking out the sun?

5. They need to take a breather.

Since whales rely on the blowhole on top of their heads to breathe, they often surface and give us the amazing sightings that we so happily enjoy. They’re known to show off a bit as well by breaching and tail flopping – an unbelievable sight!

We love hosting our amazing winter friends every year, and we invite you to pay them a visit, too, by adventuring on a winter wildlife boating journey alongside them.