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    And raising a flag. Virginia's offshore waters are beginning to heat up and get active! Motor into port and see what kind of "monster" you can reel in this year!

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    Consider the coast line of Virginia Beach to be a "fish highway" that different species of fish use to migrate from one point to another. All year long fish of different stripes and sizes can be caught just off our shores.

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    With fishing resources, event listings, photos and a local directory, the Coastal Virginia Fishing Guide has the most comprehensive collection of fishing and boating information.

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  • Virginia Beach Fishing

    Fishing in Virginia Beach is an experience you’d happily mount over your fireplace. Located at the intersection of the Chesapeake Bay, the Atlantic Ocean, and a variety of freshwater waterways, Virginia Beach offers up a uniquely diverse range of fish and fishing destinations. From world-class off-shore action, to a bounty of coastal species and a fantastic mix of inland, freshwater adventures, it’s no wonder Virginia Beach is considered an angler’s paradise.

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    Offshore Fishing


    A common misconception about off-shore fishing is that you have to travel to far away exotic locations to catch the most storied fish in the sea. June through September serious off-shore anglers or rookies looking to do battle with some kings of the sea will find some of the east coast's most productive fishing grounds just outside our inlets. Maybe you care to do battle with granders, maybe you like the high-flying antics and lightning speed of the Wahoo, or maybe a tug-of-war with a Bluefin tuna is more to your liking.

    Inshore Fishing


    Many people already know that Virginia Beach is considered the Striper fishing capital of the world. What they don’t know is that we have a bay-full and an ocean-full of fish that are just as feisty as the striper and can provide year ‘round angling opportunities. Our location on Virginia’s coast makes our fishing special because we sit at the confluence of the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. When those two great bodies of water come together, they make for a very fertile feeding ground for large varieties of fish.

    Pier Fishing

    Pier Fishing

    Pier fishing is one of the most enjoyable activities on the beach front. Just bring yourself, your kids or your friends and drop a line. There's no need to bring any gear or pay for licenses. Four piers are near the resort area. Many offer rod and reel rentals, as well as sell additional equipment and bait. One thing to remember about pier fishing: bring a fish identification chart because you never know what's going to swim by.

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    Surf Fishing

    Surf Fishing

    There’s a place you can go and feel truly in touch with the sea. Surf fishing puts you right at sea level. You will need to bring your own equipment, bait, as well as buy a saltwater fishing license at one of the local tackle shops. Often times anglers will catch large Red fish and Bluefish, as well as Stripers and other species. The secret to success in the surf is knowing when the big fish are migrating through a particular area.



    Many of our captains seem to have the ocean in their veins. They are old salts in the truest sense of the word; several have been fishing our waters for 10, 20, or 30 years. Even those who are "new" to the charter fishing business are experts, having worked as mates in the fleet or they grew up fishing the waters. 


    The one thing they have in common is their passion for fishing, the ocean, and putting their guests on the fish of their dreams. 


    All of our captains are licensed by the Coast Guard. This means they undergo rigorous testing that continually updates their seamanship abilities, as well as their capabilities to take care of their passengers through first aid and CPR. 


    Additionally, many of the boats in the sport fishing fleet are equipped with some of the most advanced communications, weather radar and fish finding technology available.




    Rudee Inlet - Located at the southern end of the resort area, this inlet is home to several activities and different types of fishing charters. The inlet is primarily home to the area's offshore sport fishing fleet consisting mainly of 44 foot to 58 foot sport fishing boats that are designed to quickly and comfortably get fishermen out to the waters that are home to some of the area's biggest fish.

    Once the big fish migrate out of the area to their winter homes, the Rudee Inlet fleet turns its attention to the fall and winter Striper and Bluefish runs.

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    Lynnhaven Inlet - Located at the far northern end of Virginia Beach's resort area, the inlet hosts a loose mix of marinas, restaurants and charter boats that specialize in fishing the Chesapeake Bay and Virginia Beach's inshore waters. The captains who fish out of this inlet are experts at putting anglers on Stripers, Bluefish, Flounder, as well as the other fish that call the Bay and inshore waters home.

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    Virginia State Records

    State Records

    All of these fish were caught in Virginia Beach's inshore waters or offshore locations frequented by the city's sport fishing fleet. 


    Inshore recordsStriped Bass – 73 lbs.Cobia – 109 lbs.Sheepshead – 20 lbs.Gray Trout – 19 lbs.Offshore recordsBlue Marlin – 1,093 lbs.White Marlin – 131 lbs.Sailfish – 68 lbs.Swordfish – 381 lbs.Bigeye Tuna – 285 lbs.Bluefin Tuna – 573 lbs.Yellowfin Tuna – 203 lbs.Wahoo – 109 lbs.Dolphin (Dorado, Mahi-Mahi) – 71 lbs.King Mackerel – 63 lbs.Sea Bass – 10 lbs.




    The state of Virginia does require those who wish to fish obtain a fishing license. Since all of the fishing in Virginia Beach involves saltwater fishing, /visitors are required to buy a saltwater fishing license. Those wishing to fish on a friend's boat or commercial fishing pier, that do not have a license, must register with the Virginia Marine Resources Commission. Those who are not required to buy a license are people aged 16 and younger or 65 and older.

    Additionally, those fishing on a recreational boat, charter boat, headboat, partyboat, or rental boat which possesses a valid Virginia recreational fishing license covering all people using that boat do not have to buy a fishing license.

    Types and prices of fishing licenses are:

    • 10 day temporary saltwater license - $10
    • Individual non-resident annual freshwater/saltwater - $48
    • Individual resident annual freshwater/saltwater - $30
    • Non-resident five day temporary freshwater/saltwater - $21
    • Resident five day temporary freshwater/saltwater - $16


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    Marine Forecast

    Marine Forecast

    Before you head out on the water, make sure the weather is cooperating and the seas are calm.

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