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  • Here, we only have one season. Beach.

    Whether you’re visiting in the heart of summer or enjoying our mild winter months, Virginia Beach is always home to plenty of sunshine. Don’t believe us? See for yourself.

    JAN 48°F/09°C 32°F/01°C 47°F/08°C JUL 87°F/30°C 72°F/22°C 73°F/23°C
    FEB 50°F/10°C 35°F/01°C 48°F/09°C AUG 85°F/29°C 72°F/22°C 76°F/24°C
    MAR 58°F/14°C 41°F/05°C 48°F/09°C SEP 80°F/26°C 67°F/19°C 72°F/22°C
    APR 67°F/19°C 50°F/10°C 48°F/09°C OCT 70°F/21°C 53°F/11°C 67°F/19°C
    MAY 76°F/24°C 59°F/15°C 58°F/14°C NOV 61°F/16°C 46°F/07°C 60°F/16°C
    JUN 82°F/28°C 67°F/19°C 67°F/19°C DEC 52°F/11°C 37°F/02°C 53°F/12°C

    The beach life is closer than you think.

    Nestled midway up the East Coast, Virginia Beach is well within a days drive of most American cities. So finding your way to our beautiful shores should be a breeze. Just look to the map for directions and you’ll be here in no time. And for those of you looking to take a more scenic route, be sure to check out the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel.

    Traveling by car West: I-64, U.S. 460 or U.S. 58; North & South: I-85, I-95, U.S. 17 or U.S. 13. These intersect with I-64 which connects with I-264 East, leading directly to the oceanfront.
    Traveling by airplane Norfolk International Airport is 20 minutes from the oceanfront and is serviced by most major U.S. carriers,, (757) 857-3351. Newport News / Williamsburg International Airport,, (757) 877-0221, also services the area. Carey VIP Airport Connection provides ground transportation from the airport to your hotel, (757) 963-0433 or (757) 422-1105.
    Traveling by railway Amtrak service available to Virginia Beach,, (800) 872-7245.
    Traveling by bus Service provided by Greyhound,, (800) 231-2222 / (757) 422-2998.
    Traveling by boat The Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway begins here. Recreational boaters can travel as far south as Miami and north to Boston. For more information on local marinas, call 1-800-VA-BEACH (1-800-822-3224).

    Live Beach Cam

    Live Beach Cam

    Check out the latest goings-on with our live camera feeds all over the beach.

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