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  • Hurricane Matthew: What you need to know

    Being a coastal city, Virginia Beach sometimes has to deal with the occasional hurricane. In the event that Hurricane Matthew makes landfall, we want you to be ready. Here are a few tips to get you started:

    1. Educate Yourself. 

    Virginia Department of Emergency Management is a great resource for all things hurricane-related. Here are some additional facts to get you up-to-speed on Virginia Hurricanes:

    • What is a hurricane? A large tropical complex of thunderstorms forming spiral bands around an intense low-pressure center called an eye.
    • What makes it a hurricane? Sustained winds must be at least 75 mph to be categorized as a hurricane, but winds may reach over 200 mph in the fiercest of these storms.
    • Why is a hurricane dangerous? As a hurricane moves into shallower waters, the waves lessen, but water levels rise, bulging up on the storm’s front right quadrant in what is called the “storm surge.”
    • What is a tropical storm? A storm with winds between 39 and 74 mph.
    • What is a tropical depression? A less organized system that has winds up to 38 mph.

    2. Stay Informed.

    Although uncommon in Virginia Beach, hurricanes are not to be taken lightly. Here are some great resources and guides for the best up-to-date hurricane information:

    Official Virginia Beach TV Stations:

    City Services Information:
    Citizen Services (VB 311)
    Direct: (757) 385-31111

    3. Travel Safely.

    It’s best to know the road conditions and evacuation routes before you need them. You can search Virginia Traffic Information or dial 511 from any phone for real-time traffic information and road condition reports. Virginia Department of Transportation is also a great resource for road reports and road closings during a hurricane or other weather event.

    Paying close attention to weather advisory and hurricane tracking can be the difference between a memorable vacation and an unhappy one. So stay alert and be prepared to go with the flow.


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