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  • March 2017 Events in Virginia Beach


    Virginia Arts Festival

    Now - May 27

    The Virginia Arts Festival features the best in performing arts from dance series to vocal performances and chamber music to theatre arts. For over three months, the Virginia Arts Festival takes the stage and brings the best of performing arts right into our backyard.  Find a full calendar of events and more information here.

    2015 The Grand Cheer & Dance Nationals Championship by the Sea

    2017 The Grand Cheer & Dance Nationals Championship by the Sea

    March 10 - 12

    The Cheer and Dance EXTREME Company is hosting the exciting Grand Cheer & Dance Nationals Championship by the Sea. Founded by former dancers and cheerleaders, the CDE avows to sponsor events that take the participants interests at heart. The Virginia Beach Convention Center will be bursting with enthusiastic cheers and rousing dance numbers during March 10-12th, after which national winners will be crowned. Teams and individuals of varying levels are invited to compete in an event that focuses on true competitive spirit rather than just scores. Prepare to be stunned by stunts and mesmerized by synchronized dancing all in an effort to win the only national title awarded by CDE. Keep checking here for more information regarding schedules and ticket prices. More Information.

    Yuengling Shamrock Marathon, Half Marathon, 8K

    Yuengling Shamrock Marathon, Half Marathon, 8K

    March 17 - 19

    Lace up your sneakers and get ready to hit your personal best during the 2017 Yuengling Shamrock marathon, Anthem Shamrock half marathon and Towne Bank Shamrock 8K. Each year, approximately 30,000 participants cruise the streets of Virginia Beach during its oldest, continuously running, road race. The marathon course takes runners through the best that Virginia Beach has to offer. From the scenic resort area, along the oceanfront, past the oldest standing light house in the United States to a stunning finish through the Virginia Beach Boardwalk, each road race captures the beauty and spirit of exploring Virginia Beach on foot.  Find more information here.

    state park

    Visit Virginia State Parks

    Miles and miles of hiking, biking and kayaking await at the state parks located in and around Virginia Beach. These parks (and one national refuge) enhance the natural wonder of an area so diverse in flora and fauna that you will never have the same visit twice. Choose to extend your stay in Virginia Beach so that you can work any one of these naturally breathtaking parks into your itinerary. Create your own adventure by foot, tram, bike or boat. You won’t be disappointed. 

    adventure Park

    Adventure Park

    Take your journey to new heights with the dynamic zip line courses offered at this aerial forest park. As an addition to the natural wonders of the Virginia Aquarium, Adventure Park can expand your horizons even further. Series of zip line trails take you a little closer to the clouds with courses that are not only physically challenging, but also an astounding way to explore the beauty of nature. With trails tailored to a variety of ages and activity levels, five wooded acres and 170 platforms, each adventure is effortlessly unique. The park is located between the Marsh Pavilion, the Bay and Ocean Pavilion of the aquarium. More information.

    I fly


    Indoor skydiving may sound like the stuff of legend, but hold onto your hair. iFly creates true free fall conditions just like you would experience in traditional skydiving without having to jump from a plane. iFly's vertical wind tunnel simulates the conditions for skydiving while allowing divers to safely float or "fly" on a cushion of air. Children and adults alike can become a flyer with no experience at all. Simply book your flight time, get a bit of instruction beforehand and then prepare to take flight. 



    Get ready to enjoy the game of golf without expensive green or club fees. TopGolf's state-of-the-art golf entertainment complex uses clever micro-chipped golf balls to measure your accuracy and distance while you score big points. No matter the age or experience level, supercharged fun paired with quality food and beverage will make TopGolf your new favorite hangout. Don't let the name deceive you - this first come, first served venue appeals to not only avid golfers, but also to sports enthusiasts and fun seekers. More information.

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