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    There are more ways to Live the Life in Virginia Beach than you can shake a surfboard at. For great ideas tailored for your interests, dig into these articles about Virginia Beach.

  • Fishing

    Striper Fever
    The whole world is angling for Striped Bass season
    Drop a Line Anytime of the Year
    Consider the coast line of Virginia Beach to be a "fish highway."
    A Fish for All Seasons
    Virginia Beach is known as the Striped Bass Capital of the World.
    Giving Chase and Raising a Flag
    There’s a routine you’ll be a part of that could quickly become your habit.
    Lynnhaven Inlet
    The Lynnhaven Inlet offers anglers the chance to go after a diverse array of fish species.



    Explore Our Parks
    Virginia Beach’s parks offer great biking and hiking trails, as well as 121 navigable miles of waterways

    Outdoor Adventure in VA Beach
    When you explore by kayak, you experience nature at its most pristine and undisturbed.
    First Landing State Park
    Along with its historical significance, the park offers opportunities to explore a unique habitat.
    Healthy Living
    With miles of pristine shoreline, serene parks, and all sorts of annual races, getting the blood flowing is easy.
    Park Amenities
    A full list of Virginia Beach parks and what you need to know about each.
    Sandbridge Outfitters
    These outfiters are bound to have something that meets your desires.
    Explore the Birding Trail
    For those who enjoy birding, Virginia Beach offers exceptional opportunities all year round.



    Top Holes on Virginia Beach Green
    We got with the local experts at the Virginia Beach Golf Association and asked them for their best of the best.



    Experiential Dining
    A culinary adventure of discovery in Virginia Beach.

    Food/Beverage Events
    Celebrating the tastes and traditions of the culinary world.

    Town Center Dining
    The perfect fusion of urban living and coastal charm.

    Dine Like A Local
    Create your own progressive dinner in the resort area.

    Coastal Cuisine
    These sumptuous recipes are just a few that the Virginia Beach restaurant scene is known for.

    A Couple’s Retreat
    Find the restaurant getaway to enjoy with your loved one

    Sensible Seafood
    Be a good steward of the sea and be sure to make eco-friendly choices when you dine out at some of our coastal hot spots.

    Coastal Food Tours
    Explore Virginia Beach’s culinary shores and uncover a whole new world of coastal cuisine.



    Free and Almost Free Things to do in Virginia Beach
    Check out our free and almost free adventures and "Live the Life" for less.

    Rainy Day Activities
    Here is a list of a few ways to spend your time while the rain clouds pass.

    Dozen Ways to Live the Life - Kid Style
    Every kid knows that no vacation is complete until you’ve seen your parents flat on their backs, flying down a waterslide.

    The Beach Works for Teens Too
    Teenagers sometimes cringe at the idea of a "family vacation" because it means sharing close quarters and giving up freedom.


    Travel Information

    All roads lead to Virginia Beach.
    Travel Tips
    Know the beach like a local.
    Take the Scenic Route
    Avoid the tension of driving Interstate 64 and relax right away, thanks to the myriad peaceful routes leading to the resort city.
    Lodging Information
    Here are some tips to help make your family stay happy and carefree.
    Virginia Beach is for Pet Lovers
    The entire family is welcome to vacation in Virginia Beach and that includes Fido and Whiskers too!
    Getting Around Virginia Beach
    There’s more than one way to get to Atlantic Avenue.


    About Virginia Beach

    About Us / Area Map
    Learn about the diverse areas within Virginia Beach, and find excitement in each.
    King Neptune Statue
    A 34-foot, cast bronze Neptune statue stands at the gateway to Neptune Park and the threshold of the sea.

    Heritage by the Sea
    The establishment of Virginia Beach began as early as John Smith’s brave voyage from England to the New World.
    Cool Seasons
    Seems like summer gets all the credit for good times. But fun knows no season here. Spring, fall and winter offer not only mild beautiful weather and a full schedule of great activities, but great values as well.

    Cape Henry Lighthouse
    The Cape Henry Lighthouse was the first lighthouse authorized by the U.S. government, dating from 1792.
    Virginia Beach Boardwalk
    First constructed in 1888, the Virginia Beach Boardwalk has received national acclaim in recent times as one of America’s favorite boardwalks.

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