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    “Project LifeguART” is a unique opportunity that re-images the entire seaside resort by transforming 42 lifeguard stands and 37 beach chair and umbrella storage containers into functional works of art. "Project LifeguART" Pop Up Art Park is located at 19th Street and Parks Avenue and is open to the public. The first of its kind in Virginia Beach, the park will be in place from mid-September to mid-May following which, the art will head back to the beach for the summer season.

    Meet the Artists


    Jack Zimmerman

    39th St. life guard stand
    I find creation one of the most expressive means of communication. I work to make visually engaging and emotionally expressive artistic articulations of myself. I pull from within myself to set brush to canvas, hands to clay, and to place myself in my work in an artistic form. I want to take this desire to create work that affects people emotionally. I desire to continue to learn and challenge myself in ways beyond that which I have before. I welcome a challenge with open arms. When creating a piece, I look to the whole and decide upon the path to completion. I select the materials for a piece based on the reaction I would like the viewer to have upon seeing the finished work. Size and media all play a large role in how I transfer idea to finished product. I appreciate flow, movement, light, and freedom. Water, which is the basis for much of my work, opens an entire realm of form and freedom to explore. Within water every movement affects another movement, the sheer physicality of a scene must be understood. Looking at the piece as a whole and not focusing on individual parts allows me to create a balanced and unified work of art. I push the media to the point right before it pushes back and straddle the fine line between controlling the media and the media controlling me. As I begin work I push the media to do what it does in its original form or state. I continue to push the media until I get the desired effect, then I must stop and push back against the natural process of form. When I come to this point I must persist in my resolution to prevent the media from continuing upon its inevitable course to destruction and return to its original state. My role as the artist is creator; to interact with the media to discover its potential.

    Current Production/Design Coordinator, Busch Gardens, Williamsburg


    Martha C. Wilson

    24th and 33rd St. containers
    Born an artist, I was raised in a Navy family and spent a lot of time growing up in the Tidewater area, graduating from Bayside High School and Old Dominion University. Involved in community art projects in Norfolk and Los Angeles since 1990, I have recently relocated back to Virginia Beach and excited to be a board member of Virginia ART WITH HEART – a non-profit organization that brings artists together and raises money for charity (still in its infancy). Colorful, positive and whimsical, I am also excited to spread "lava and joy" through my art studio THE LAUGHING VOLCANO. My art has been sold and displayed to people and places all over the world. I am skilled in murals, design, oils, acrylics, watercolors, and currently illustrating three children's books due out later this year.


    Heather Rozeboom

    17th St. container
    A background in art therapy and communication art & design are the foundation for Heather’s education. She is influenced by graphic abstract art as well as bold and expressive typography. Some of her favorite artists include expressionist painter Mark Rothko and graphic designer Paula Scher. She enjoys creating graphic patterns and incorporating typography into her creations. Heather is currently a graphic design professor at the Art Institute of Virginia Beach and is also art director for Fruitive, an organic OrBetter plant-based cafe, also located in Virginia Beach. She began her career in page layout at a publishing company in Orlando, where she was presented with an international graphic design, Davey Award. In the pursuit of a master’s degree, Heather enrolled at Eastern Virginia Medical School in its Art Therapy Department. She was fascinated with psychology and the relationship between art making as a diagnostic tool and therapeutic treatment method. As part of the graduate program she used her skills in many art-making techniques to treat patients of all ages both at in-patient and out-patient treatment facilities.

    As an undergraduate at Virginia Commonwealth University in the Graphic Design Department, Heather learned the fundamentals of design, color theory and typography. It wasn’t until a post-graduate corporate career led to a teaching profession that Heather really began to find the inspiration and freedom to explore her love of design and all other art mediums. “Working with students is both fun and allows the freedom to learn with them. It’s like being a student all over again, but starting out with a higher level of knowledge and experience. The greatest gift of teaching for me is not only helping the students find their motivation, but learning more about myself and my own motivation and inspiration.” Heather recently started her own business in the artistic field outside of teaching. Her business, Lasting Love Impressions, is a service offered to expectant mothers. The process involves making a plaster mold of the mother’s belly during the very last weeks of pregnancy, smoothing and finishing the casting, and finally painting the cast. The finished product is not a full torso casting that people are used to seeing, but a bowl that becomes functional art for the home and a lasting memento of the mother’s pregnant form.


    Nancy Luong

    17th St. container Lady Liberty
    Nancy was born in Puerto Rico and lived overseas on the Azores Islands of Portugal when her family decided to move to Virginia Beach in the late 1980s. She studied advertising design and went on to get a bachelor of fine arts degree in communication arts and design at Virginia Commonwealth University. There she also minored in religious studies, where her interest in philosophy, culture and religion started to peak.

    Nancy’s adult background is mostly professional with positions specializing in management, graphic design, product design, package design, print production, photography and education. Her experience in product development had her creating illustrations and designs that were produced around the nation.

    Through her experience as a designer, she focused on designing with the intent that everything looked evenly and intentionally placed. After more than 10 years in the field, she wanted to create a more custom and unique visual message through her designs. She was inspired by handmade works – designs that looked like each piece was individually created and different from each other although still part of a whole.

    She has a love of color as she believes that the right color can push the design to where it really communicates the feeling and mood of the topic. Most of her artwork has gone through many revisions and experiments with color before deciding on the final. Nancy likes to use contrast in her designs where a very simple or calm idea is placed next to a busy or possibly interactive visual.

    She currently works at the Art Institute of Virginia Beach in the Graphic and Web Design Department.


    The Meridian Group

    29th St. life guard stand and container
    These fixtures were a collaborative effort of the art department of the Meridian Group, an advertising, public relations and digital marketing firm located in the heart of Virginia Beach. More information on the company can be found on their web site.


    Sam Welty

    32nd St. life guard stand and container
    Sam Welty is a rising artist located right here in Hampton Roads. From painting wall murals on buildings in Virginia Beach to creating custom art, Sam Welty has the expertise to make any project a masterpiece.

    Sam began drawing when he was five years old. Drawing – and eventually painting – soon became a passion that ultimately led him to art school after graduating from high school near Dallas. While in art school, Sam began to ask a particular question of his professors and instructors: “How can I make a career out of doing what I love?” Sam was repeatedly told that artists don’t make a career out of what they love doing. He was told after graduation to get a day job that paid the bills and to follow his passion after work & on the weekends. This was not good enough for Sam.

    After leaving school, Sam found work in various art-related trades in an effort to perfect his craft. It was this pursuit that led him to the Hampton Roads area over a decade ago and what led him to start his own mural business in 2003. Ever since, Sam has been creating custom wall murals and art pieces in almost every venue imaginable.


    Troy Summerell

    34th St. container
    Troy Summerell is a self-taught artist from Virginia Beach, VA. Troy produces fine art on recycled surfboards, skateboards, furniture, leather, as well as other select textiles. He utilizes bold colors and simple, ocean-inspired designs.

    With a degree in Business Marketing from James Madison University, Troy is the founder of STUDIO 17, a recently renovated gallery and event space at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront.

    Troy is also the creator of OnieTonie™ Co. Designs, a colorful line of beach and kids’ apparel and accessories.

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