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  • Green Tips

    Virginia Green

    Actually, it is easy being green.

    While you're in Virginia Beach, here are a few simple ways to do your part for the planet.

    • Take advantage of our three-mile Boardwalk
      So many places are within walking distance, you'll reduce your carbon footprint with every step.

    • Pitch in and recycle
      At the Oceanfront, look for recycling containers at all Boardwalk steps leading to the beach between 2nd and 40th Streets, and at 17th, 24th and 31st Street Parks.

    • Hitch a ride on public transportation - it's a hybrid!
      The VB Wave's new state-of-the-art hybrid-electric buses provide eco-friendly shuttle service at the Oceanfront.

    • Respect the fragile ecosystem
      Explore the area by kayak or on designated nature trails to experience firsthand why it's worth preserving.

    • Enjoy locally grown goodies from the Farmers Market
      Produce from local fields is not only fresh and delicious, it comes to you with less transportation-related damage to the environment. Visit our Old Beach Farmers Market, open every Saturday from Memorial to Labor Day, or our year-round Farmers Market for fresh local veggies, entertainment and events.

    • Plan a green meeting
      Hold your event at the first Virginia Green Convention Center or one of our Virginia Green certified hotels or conference centers. Find out how your group can meet responsibly.

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