Five Reasons Virginia Beach Works for Teens

Teenagers sometimes cringe at the idea of a "family vacation"
because it means sharing close quarters and giving up freedom.

It doesn't have to be so. There are lots of places that suit parents and meet the needs of teens as well. Virginia Beach is always on the selective teen vacation list. Why? The reasons are obvious, the place is fun.

1. Ride the VB Wave

Wheels mean freedom and freedom is an integral part of any vacation – at least from a teenager's point of view. Following mom and dad around a museum, and sitting in the hotel room while the youngest family member sleeps away the afternoon doesn't strike the fancy of many teens. Parents are leery of letting their older kids roam unknown cities without a specific plan. Fortunately, Virginia Beach, with its north-south trolley and multitude of restaurants, shops and free music concerts, gives teens hundreds of options to choose from when planning "away-from-parents" time, and keeps teens within a specific area. The trolley even stops at the mall.

2. The beach is endless

The dream of most every teen on a beach vacation is to garner that coveted summer tan; preferably before returning home. My recommendation is to hit the beach. With more than 35 miles of ocean and bay beaches, Virginia Beach isn't known as the "World’s Largest Pleasure Beach" for nothing. With a width of more than 300 feet between the boardwalk and the water there's plenty of room for every sun-worshipper. Beach volleyball is popular. Doubles, triples, fours and sixes are often played. Parasail riders soar overhead. There is even room to build a sandcastle with a self-filling moat. Mostly it is a place to just "hang" meet others and enjoy the atmosphere.

3. The Boardwalk is Awesome

After baking in the sun teens can roll along the boardwalk which stretches from 40th Street to Rudee Inlet. It's a great place to jog, bike, rollerblade, or pedal a beach buggy. Didn't bring your blades, rent some. Need a bike? Rent one at Cherie's almost anywhere along the Boardwalk. It is absolutely the place to people-watch while sipping an Italian ice. Everyone meets at the Dairy Queen or at the fishing pier. The boardwalk like the beach itself has an energy that defines what it means to be on vacation.

4. Shop 'til you Drop

Near the beach there are also a lot of shops offering plenty of opportunities to buy cool stuff. I found great sandals and an awesome beach skirt while looking for sunscreen. The trolley route leads to Lynnhaven Mall and pure fun. JC Penney, The Gap, Dillards, Old Navy, Abercrombie & Fitch, Forever 21 make the list. Pembroke Mall at Town Center has plenty of shops and eight movie theaters.

5. The Music is the Thing

Atlantic Avenue between 17th & 25th Streets is "Beach Street USA" with summer entertainment and festivals through out the year. In the evenings, music can be heard up and down the boardwalk. Two stages, an amphitheatre, an orchestra, and a musical stage company all provide musical entertainment every night of the week. It's easy to mix, mingle and have fun.

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