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  • Coastal Food Tours of Virginia
  • Savor every bite, every sip, every moment.

    Hoist the anchor and begin your voyage to Virginia's coast and discover the rich culinary history of the shore with Coastal Food Tours of Virginia. Follow food from the farm to the table, experience the history of the state, even catch your own dinner; enjoy a meal for more than your mouth with one of the indulgent Coastal Food Tours. Sea air and local cuisine combine brilliantly to bring you a unique sense of the true nature of the coast, from the surf and soil to the dinner plate. Go behind the scenes with destinations like Virginia Beach and relax as a Coastal Food Tour guides you to your savory destination. Put your pots and pans away and let us be your guide to culinary bliss.

  • Coastal Harvest Feast

    Coastal Harvest Feast

    Cuisine and culture come together in this multi-day, all-inclusive COASTAL HARVEST FEAST celebrating the fields, nets, vines, markets and tables behind Coastal Virginia's culinary traditions. Tour through Virginia Beach and the surrounding area and meet those who grow, catch, and cure the region's finest fare. Get a diverse sampling of the many culinary adventures that call our shores home on one unforgettable journey through Coastal Virginia's delicious destinations. Read More

    Coastal Virginia Food Tours • 202-683-8847 • Call for pricing • Tour Length: multi-day
    • Participants: minimum 35, Please call for maximum
    • Availability: year-round

    Boardwalk Food Tour

    Boardwalk Food Tour

    Take your taste buds for a stroll down the shoreline and soak up some flavor during a three-stop BOARDWALK FOOD TOUR. Cruise along the oceanfront restaurant scene and enjoy the taste of local specialties while learning about the rich history of the area; all while accompanied by the vista of our three mile boardwalk. An evening of fresh seafood and refreshing beverages is only a short walk away. Read More

    Coastal Virginia Food Tours • 202-683-8847 • $57 per adult • Tour Length: 3.5 hours
    • Private tours are available, pleace call for details.
    • Availability: year-round

  • Coastal Food Tours of Virginia is made possible by the following partners:

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  • be hungry. be adventurous. dine like a local.

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      Experiential Dining

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      Food/Beverage Events

      Get together with some fellow foodies and celebrate the tastes and traditions of the culinary world.

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      The perfect fusion of urban living and coastal charm, Town Center takes Virginia Beach's cuisine to a higher level.

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      Sensible Seafood

      The best way to ensure that our delicious bounty of coastal delights remain for years to come is to protect and manage their harvest and consumption. Learn how you can play a part in their preservation.

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      VB Dining Guide

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    • reservations


      Hold that table while your appetite grows and save the hottest seat at the most exciting and popular restaurants in the area.

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