Abraham Lincoln: The Man, The Movie, The Magic Virginia Beach Forum

11/28/2012 7:30 PM – Close

Prepare to immerse yourself in everything Lincoln, as the Virginia Beach Forum previews the Steven Spielberg, Daniel Day Lewis movie about the 16th President that premiers Christmas 2012 across the nation. Guests will be greeted by a band playing authentic Civil War music, then be treated to a multi-faceted program featuring a Lincoln impersonator, brief renditions from Lincoln speeches by local students, presentations by an eminent Lincoln historian on Abe’s visits to Hampton Roads and on the making of the movie from the director of the Virginia Film Office. The evening ends with on-stage appearances by local actors and production professionals who had roles in the film, which was shot in Richmond. For history and movie buffs, it’s a night not to miss.
  • Admission Fee:
    Tickets: General Admission: $50 ; Students: $25

Area: Town Center + Pembroke Mall

Address: 201 Market Street
The Sandler Center
Virginia Beach, VA 23462

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