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Live the Life Adventures:
Everything you need to know

1. Why were the new experiences developed?  

The new experiences were developed to allow groups to experience Virginia Beach in new ways. Even if groups have been to the destination and the attractions before, the attractions now offer an exciting new opportunity for groups. Each experience has been designed to engage or immerse each visitor in a variety of new and different ways.

2. Are the experiences just for groups or can individuals also participate?  

The majority of experiences require a minimum number of participants. However, we are working on making these available to the general public. For details, check the specific listing or partner Web site for group minimums.

3. How many people are needed to make a group?  

The group experiences have different minimum numbers that vary by attraction, so check the individual listing or Web site for more details.

4. What types of groups are best suited for the experiences?  

The Virginia Beach CVB designed the Experiences recognizing that the dynamics of the Group Travel Market are changing. Groups are younger and more active, especially the Baby Boomer market. Today’s groups are also healthier, more well traveled and sophisticated in their travel tastes.

The experiences were designed for various leisure groups, i.e. mature travelers, affinity groups, alumni, culture and arts groups, and students. In addition, they also fit into the conference and meetings market, i.e. spousal tours, special interest/incentive, etc. Most of the Experiential partners have a variety of options to fit the needs of many different group types.

5. Is it possible to put a group together to book an Experience?  

Yes, in fact, based on the required minimums, it is easy to create your own group. This is known as an Ad Hoc group. If you have a group of friends, family, church group or people that you are connected with and you would like to bring them together, the Experiences are a perfect way to create a personal event that will be memorable for your group.

6. What is the significance of the Experience categories?  

The Experiences have been segmented into a series of themed categories such as Culture, History, Specialty, Sports and Special Events. The categories allow you to focus on a specific aspect of Virginia Beach of interest to you or mix and match them. The categories also allow you to create day trips, overnights or multi-day itineraries for visiting Virginia Beach that relate to the individual themed categories. For sample itineraries, visit our featured itineraries or check out the itinerary downloads in each Adventure.

7. How are the Experiences different from the regular offerings of the organization listed?  

The Experiential Products are special offerings and many are different from an organization’s current products. Each company has created and staged an experience designed to engage you. It may take you behind the scenes, provide special access, incorporate hands-on activities, etc. Some experiences, known as immersion experiences, put you right in the middle of a unique experience where you are totally immersed. All experiences are designed to provide you with memorable moments while in Virginia Beach.

8. If I have a group and would like to visit Virginia Beach, are there companies that can make my groups’ reservations and arrangements for me?  

Yes, Virginia Beach has a host of local receptive tour operators who will be happy to assist you with your travel plans. These companies, called local receptive companies, can handle the entire trip or parts of your visit, based on your needs. For more information, visit our contact us page and one of our sales representatives will be happy to help you plan your next group Adventure.

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