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  • How to Get to Virginia Beach

    Virginia Beach is centrally located on the mid-Atlantic coast in the southeastern-most corner of Virginia. By air, it's just a quick trip into the Norfolk International Airport from major cities across the United States. Plus, it's just one day's drive from two-thirds of the nation's population, and one hour from Colonial Williamsburg and Busch Gardens.

    Approaching from the west, the easiest routes are I-64, U. S. 460, or U.S. 58. From the north or south, convenient routes are I-85 or I-95, and U.S. 13 and 17. These routes intersect with I-64, which circles Hampton Roads, connecting with I-264, which ends at the Visitor Information Center and leads visitors directly to the oceanfront resort area.

    Direct – The most direct way to Virginia Beach from a northern city like Baltimore is I-95 S to 1-64 E across the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel to the Virginia Beach-Norfolk Expressway, I-264 E.

    Bridge-Tunnel Alternate – Take I-64 to I-664 and take the Monitor Merrimac Bridge-Tunnel access the bay to avoid congestion at the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel. I-664 re-connects with I-64 in Chesapeake; follow the signs to the Virginia Beach-Norfolk Expressway, I-264 E. I-64 and I-664 create a circle, or “beltway”, around Hampton Roads.

    I-64 Alternate – For an alternate to I-64 from Richmond, take I-95 S from Richmond, exit U.S. 460 at Petersburg; follow 460, which intersects with I-64 in Chesapeake; take I-64 to the Virginia Beach-Norfolk Expressway, I-264 E.

    Northeast Alternate – The most direct route from a northeast city like New York is U.S. 13 through Virginia’s Eastern Shore, across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel.


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  • Mileage from Selected Cities

    Atlanta, GA

    578 mi / 930 km

      Philadelphia, PA

    249 mi / 410 km

    Baltimore, MD

    243 mi / 243 km

      Pittsburgh, PA

    482 mi / 776 km

    Boston, MA

    583 mi / 938 km

      Richmond, VA

    104 mi / 167 km

    Charlotte, NC

    350 mi / 563 km

      St. Louis, MO

    990 mi / 1593 km

    Chicago, IL

    886 mi / 1394 km

      Washington D.C.

    200 mi / 322 km

    Cleveland, OH

    556 mi / 895 km

      Montreal, Quebec

    765 mi / 1224 km

    Detroit, MI

    718 mi / 1155 km

      Quebec City, Quebec

    854 mi / 1366 km

    New York, NY

    348 mi / 560 km

      Toronto, Ontario

    800 mi / 1280 km



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