Through an immense collaborative effort, the CVB has been recognized by the Virginia Beach Mayor's Committee for Persons with Disabilities for services to the community and on behalf of persons with disabilities. With accessibility being a major focus across all of Virginia Beach's three beaches, we are proud of the hard work our community has done to provide an enjoyable experience to all of our visitors.

If you are a hospitality business looking to renovate or a new business coming in to Virginia Beach, here are eight simple ways to make your establishment more accessible to persons with disabilities, provided by the Mayor's Committee for Persons with Disabilities:

  1. Ensure a clear path to the check-in desk or hostess stand.
  2. Offer lap desk or clipboard for completion of check-in forms.
  3. Have an employee available to assist with luggage.
  4. Offer braille and large-print versions of all forms, and room service and restaurant menus.
  5. Provide maps to accessible parks.
  6. Designate a rescue area in case of fire and install fire alarms with flashing lights.
  7. Allow room for wheelchairs around and under tables.
  8. Offer vibrating alarm clocks.

With these inexpensive changes that can be made today, we will continue to ensure that all of our visitors can experience what it's like to live the life. In Virginia Beach, there truly is a vacation for everyBODY.